At a hotel in Boston I was surprised to see a big sign in th elevator claiming

"We No Longer Train Our Employees To Be Nice"

in small print it discliamed:

"We simply have hired the nicest, most caring employees we could find."

How wise.

We were way  ahead of them on that front, however.  The only ones they had to choose from were not already working with us. 

It really is a team effort.  Every one of us has the ability and authority to do whatever it takes to be an advocate for our patient.  Taking care of the patient is not just a priority, it is the reason for our existance.  It is the reason why why over 150 new patients every month make it to our front door referred by neighbors, relatives, friends and co-workers. 

Ane there they find a warm, friendly face, a caring team of professionals, and a medical home.

Welcome home, my frined.  I'm glad you found us.