I Have a Vision: "In Memory of..."

I have written Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of FB about this.  Now I intend to get a movement going. This has the capacity to make a difference. It has the capacity to make a difference in the next 24 hours.


I want Facebook to create a special “In Memory of..." section for those heroes who have given their lives in the service of others and also for the innocents who have died at the hands of great injustice. Nominations to be included in this section could be made by any FB user by filling out an application in this section. Their names would be automatically added, (with next of kin approval in the case of minors) when 1M “likes” were achieved. All FB users would get notice when names were added.


 I see this as being worldwide.  There are heroes everywhere. In a flat world, this will help connect us all.


I have talked to many patients who have lost a loved one this way. They have often remarked that it was important to them that the world understood more about the person that was lost. I would like to FB help the next of kin create a page to commemorate their loved ones.  I hope it would include their dates of birth and death.


I can envision a hundred, or even five hundred, years from now, people logging on to those pages and leaving birthday wishes or thoughts about how these lives affected them. I think this would be an excellent tribute to those lost and a huge comfort to their descendants.


I would encourage FB to donate just $0.10 for every post left on those pages (Capped at $1M/year/page or event) to create prizes  to be awarded by an independent committee to the most deserving individuals or organizations who have done the most to promote the common welfare in several key categories. The categories would be those that help eliminate the need for such pages. I believe mental health research would be just one.


If we were to put all of our collective resources into solving our problems, we could go a long way to making these problems disappear. To my mind, we not only SHOULD do this, we MUST band together and get this done.  The cost for failing to act is too great!


One voice makes a difference.  Join me. Millions of voices change our world.


-- TWS  12/17/12